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The Rolling Stone article is false. The writers know it is false, but they chose to print the sensational story any way. Since Liberty Counsel assumed the prayer ministry in 2018, now called Faith & Liberty, there has been no prayer with the Justices. Faith & Liberty prays for the Justices, not with them. The prayer ministry is not just for the Justices and the Court but includes all three branches of government, the nation, and also includes international prayer.

The instances referred to in the article go back many years prior to when Liberty Counsel assumed the Faith & Liberty prayer ministry. In fact, it should be obvious that since early 2020, the Supreme Court has been on lockdown due to COVID. Many of the oral arguments have been done virtually. Even those done in-person allow only the arguing counsel and one other attorney. Neither the client, the full legal team, nor the public have been permitted inside the Supreme Court. Arguing counsel and one other counsel must pass a COVID test and wear an N-95 mask.

There is no way anyone could have entered the Court to pray with the Justices or the staff over the past 2 ½ years. That fact alone completely discredits the article.


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