Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action



Emergency Congressional Prayer Team (Congressional Offices as scheduled)

Meet Me at the Ten Commandments (Ministry Center)

U.S. Supreme Court Prayer - Arguments/Conferences/Decisions/Justices (US Supreme Court)

Mondays - Staffer’s Bible Study (Ministry Center)



US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon
September 12th - 16th, non-stop (Ministry Center / Virtual)
Opening Ceremony: 2pm September 12th
Closing Ceremony: 10am September 16th

40 Days of Prayer
DAILY, starting September 25th

National Prayer Assembly
September 15, 7:00AM Daybreak Prayer @ US Supreme Court 
Experts will present briefly on the major issues facing America followed by praying together for each issue through Zoom rooms. Please join with us as we contend for the deliverance and destiny of our nation. Register on the link below now to receive the passcode for the seven online sessions of the NPA beforehand. Further details about the NPA along with the Zoom link will be sent by the end of September to those who have registered. The registration cut-off will be September 30th so please register ASAP.

Rooftop Encounters 
Sept 14 @ 9:00AM
During this unique prayer event based on Peter's rooftop encounter with God in Acts 10, we will be praying for God to give us a fresh vision of His heart for our nation; to break our hearts for the lost in the places where we live and in our nation; to revive His Church and pour out His Spirit, ushering in another Great Spiritual Awakening. You can participate in this year's D.C. Rooftop Encounter on the Faith & Liberty Facebook page. Click on "interested" to receive a notification when we go LIVE.

DC Awakening 2020 
September 21 - October 2
In September of 2020, thousands of people will gather, in our Nation’s Capitol, to seek the face of God for a spiritual awakening in our land.

Washington Prayer March with Franklin Graham
September 26, 12PM-2PM @ Lincoln Memorial (Distance: 1.8 miles)
Join Franklin Graham for A Prayer March in Our Nation’s Capital. Will you join us for this march as we call out to God to heal our land?

Pray Anyway Youth Rally
September 26 @ 3PM
Register Your Youth Group for The Pray Anyway Youth Rally. In September of 2020, thousands of people will gather, in our Nation’s Capitol, to seek the face of God for a spiritual awakening in our land.


40 Days of Prayer


40 Days of Prayer

US Presidential Election
November 3rd - DAILY Prayer final day

International Religious Freedom Ministerial Conference
November 15th - November 18th With Ambassador at Large Sam Brownback

US Capitol Christmas Tree Arrival
November 20th @8:30am (Virtual Broadcast Available)


Live Nativity – Washington D.C.
December 2nd @11AM
Biblical characters walk in costume (including baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes) and the live animals make their way around Capitol Hill—and stop to recreate the manger scene at Bethlehem in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Hundreds of people pause to gaze—and listen, as the entire Christmas gospel is read from Luke, Chapter 2.

US Capitol Christmas Tree Lighting
December 2nd @5pm

Additional Programs

Inaugural Prayer Breakfast & Distribution of Special Edition Scripture Booklet
Ministry Center