Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action


Daily / Weekly / Ongoing

Emergency Congressional Prayer Team (Congressional Offices as scheduled)

Meet Me at the Ten Commandments (Ministry Center)

U.S. Supreme Court Prayer - Arguments/Conferences/Decisions/Justices (US Supreme Court)

Mondays - Staffer’s Bible Study (Ministry Center)



May 2nd - US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon - Starts May 2nd @ Noon - Ends May 6th @ 11am (US Capitol Steps) - POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER

May 7th - Day Break Prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court - 7:00AM (US Supreme Court and Ministry Center) -  POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER

May 7th - National Day of Prayer – 8:00PM (via CBN, TBN & Daystar)

May 31st - Lemonade and Conversation-with the Supporters 4PM-6PM (Ministry Center) - CANCELLED

Roof Top Prayer—9:00AM (Various locations in DC)  POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER

Mondays - Staffer’s Bible Study (Ministry Center)


June 1st - U.S. Supreme Court Annual Dinner – 6:00PM (US Supreme Court and Ministry Center)

Mondays - Staffer’s Bible Study (Ministry Center)


Ministerial Summit to Advance Religious Freedom


September 12th - 16th  - US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon - Starts September 12th @ 2pm - Ends September 16th @ 11am (Union Square)

September 14th - Roof Top Prayer @ 9am (Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.)

September 15th - U.S. Capitol Hill Police Officer of the Year Award @ 8am

September 17th - Day Break Prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court @ 7am (U.S. Supreme Court and Ministry Center)


Dec TBD - Live Nativity – Washington D.C. – 11AM (Ministry Center)

Biblical characters walk in costume (including baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes) and the live animals make their way around Capitol Hill—and stop to recreate the manger scene at Bethlehem in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Hundreds of people pause to gaze—and listen, as the entire Christmas gospel is read from Luke, Chapter 2.

Additional Programs:

Inaugural Prayer Breakfast & Distribution of Special Edition Scripture Booklet (Ministry Center)