Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

The Faith & Liberty Monday Report

May 2, 2022

For many years now, we have enjoyed participating in the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, where the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, are read aloud. Just as we did for the last two years, we are hosting Seedline International at our Ministry Center. This special event started Saturday morning in our courtyard and will end this Wednesday. We are also doing some of the reading on the Capitol grounds.

Along with Scripture reading, we will focus in a special way on prayer this week. Just as in Acts 10 where Peter went up on a rooftop to pray, we will pray from a rooftop in Washington, D.C. In Acts, Peter had a vision where he saw that God’s heart was for all people. In that spirit of unity and love, we will intercede for America, that as a nation we would follow God’s ways, that our leaders in Washington and at every level of government would honor Him and that we truly would be “one nation under God,” as our Pledge of Allegiance says. Please join us in praying for these significant needs.

Honoring His Word,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President


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2022 U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon Opening Ceremony

Liberty Counsel Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Hill 

Faith & Liberty Lead Missionary Greg Cox

Guests at the Ministry Center


  • Our week was filled with hosting those reading the Scriptures for the Bible Reading Marathon. What a joy!
  • We conducted a live stream broadcast with Faith & Liberty Chairman Mat Staver, along with Liberty Counsel Senior Counsel for Governmental Affairs Jonathan Alexandre and Liberty Counsel Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Hill, in celebration of today’s 9-0 Supreme Court decision in Shurtleff v. Boston. This decision is a great victory for religious freedom!
  • Peggy Nienaber participated in the National Faith conference call with former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.
  • Faith & Liberty’s lead missionary, Rev. Greg Cox, participated in an International Service and Luncheon at one of our supporting churches.
  • Congressional Bible Studies have continued throughout the week, being held in our courtyard and in Peggy’s office because of the other activities at the Ministry Center.

Bible Study at the Ministry Center

  • We will lift up our nation and our leaders tomorrow (May 3) at the annual Rooftop Prayer event. We will be positioned on a high rooftop in the District with a strategic view overlooking the capital. We will seek to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading as we pray for America at this critical time.
  • Peggy Nienaber will be participating in the National Day of “Prepare in Prayer” dinner this week.
  • We will continue to lift up our concerns for the nation on the 2022 National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 5.
  • We are privileged to participate in meetings this week with House Chaplain Margaret Kibben and Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black.
  • The International Religious Freedom Summit steering committee is finalizing plans for the IRF Summit to be held at the end of June.

Our prophetic missionary work in Washington, D.C., continues during this critical time in history. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST.

We must all stay tuned in to what is happening in our nation’s capital. To stay informed on issues in Washington and play your part as a citizen and a Christian, look for Faith & Liberty's ACTION emails throughout the week. We are in this fight together for the soul of our nation.



Praise the Lord that congressional staffers continue to come to the Lord as they engage with God’s Word through Bible studies held at our Ministry Center. Several of them were baptized at a local church this past weekend! Pray that they would have the support they need to be discipled and established in their newfound faith.

Pray for strength for all who are participating in this week’s flurry of activities at the Ministry Center as we wrap up the Bible Reading Marathon and participate in activities related to the National Day of Prayer.

Pray for a decision in favor of life in the Dobbs Supreme Court case, which may be pivotal to helping overturn Roe v. Wade. Let us not grow weary in bringing before the Lord this life-or-death case!

Our efforts to bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our public policy makers are only possible because wonderful friends like you stand with us both in prayer and in your generous financial support! Thank you!

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