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There Is No Time To Waste

Jan 25, 2024

The 34-member international executive board of the World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting every day this week in Geneva to set the agenda for the May meeting of the World Health Assembly where these radicals plan to seize final control over EVERYTHING. First up — planning the order of "resolutions to be considered by the Health Assembly."

If government intervention and control were the cure for disease, China and nations like it would be disease free. But we know that isn’t the case.

The final countdown is underway for the WHO to steal our freedom. Our last hope is for Congress to take action now. Urge them to defund and exit the WHO and to emphatically oppose this international takeover.

This global organization is a clear danger to freedom everywhere, and the Biden administration is pushing hard for this freedom-killing scheme! We need to urge Congress to act NOW to investigate and block this global attack on freedom. Pass HR 79, HR 1425, and S 444 to defund the WHO and require that any WHO agreement be subject to a 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate. — Your Faith & Liberty team

The WHO’s Executive Board leadership is comprised of members from Qatar (which stands next to Iran in its hatred for America), Rwanda, Japan, Timor-Leste, Paraguay, and Slovenia. This is not a friendly organization to America. The WHO does not have our best interests at heart and wants to weaken America while forcing taxpayers to fund its global agenda.

This U.N. agency is demanding that each member nation provide all the following as a part of what will become a legally binding treaty, namely to:

  • “ensure access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.”

  • guarantee “timely access” to surveillance information and control.

  • implement “infection prevention and control measures.”

  • “ensure the sound management of wastes.”

  • “require health care institutions to have in place a regularly updated infection prevention and control programme.”

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The WHO wants control over all medical treatment and protocols. Remember, the WHO created the International Classifications of Disease system, the ICD codes used by every health care provider.

If the WHO can gain this power, it will be able to control production, delivery, and use of any medication. And the WHO wants the authority to force you to inject the next “vaccine” into your body. Transportation, movement, work, school, public and private gatherings, abortion, LGBTQ, crime, “climate change,” and much more come under the words “public health.”

The WHO will be able to affect the medical licenses of anyone who does not obey its directives, or any nation that does not fall in line. It can shut down the pharmacies, censor speech, and direct the Post Office to seize packages.

If you thought the local, state, and federal authorities were difficult, just wait for the WHO! We can’t imagine the red tape and bureaucracy that would happen at an international level!

Having a global “climate change” dictator will result in every conceivable form of regulation and control. The Green New Deal looks like child’s play compared to what these Marxists would demand.

One of the first things that this executive board is demanding is universal health care. “At the half-way point to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goal of universal health coverage (UHC), more than half the people in the world are still not fully covered by essential health services.”

The WHO wants the power to ration medical treatment based on “equity,” age, and physical condition!

When the government is in charge of health care, delay and denial of necessary care are common. In recent research, in Great Britain, the average time to get a herniated disc diagnosed and confirmed by MRI and CT was one year! If surgery is authorized, it would come much later.

To regulate ER wait times in the U.K., the National Health System (NHS) has a four-hour window. If the ER could not meet this four-hour wait time, the ambulances would circle the hospital like airplanes waiting to land until the ER informed the driver to deliver the patient. In this way, hospitals could remain in compliance at the expense of the patient.

Dentists and doctors had a quota of patients to treat each month. If they met that quota, say in the third week of the month, they would close their office and reopen it the next month.

If the WHO is in charge of global health, everyone will suffer.

Peggy Nienaber, Senior Vice President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Senior Pastor


Send your faxes demanding Congress do everything in its power to stop the WHO. And sign the petition.

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