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Marxist Mayhem Must Be Stopped...

Dec 7, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) is meeting TODAY to "draft and negotiate" an "agreement or other international instrument" to give itself global authority over anything to do with "public health matters."

The WHO considers "climate change" a threat to "public health," and thus will seek to assert unthinkable control over the world — IF we allow it.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dreams for a national squadron of climate-change goons directing our every decision and dictating every aspect of our lives will become a global reality if we do not stop Joe Biden and WHO.

We must demand members of Congress stop Biden from signing over American sovereignty to a global dictator. We are much closer to that reality than you might think!

Send your urgent faxes demanding Congress immediately stop the WHO takeover! — Mat

The WHO claims that "climate change" is one of the biggest "drivers of pandemics." Now it wants nations to "identify and address the drivers of pandemics and the emergence and re-emergence of disease at the human-animal-environment interface ... improving infection prevention and control measures; antimicrobial research and development ... and implementing actions at national and community levels that encompass whole-of-government and whole-of-society approaches to control zoonotic outbreaks." (emphasis added)

"The approach mobilizes multiple sectors, disciplines and communities at varying levels of society to work together to ... tackle threats to health and ecosystems, while addressing the collective need for clean water, energy and air, safe and nutritious food."

The WHO wants to control the food supply, cultivation choices, watering your lawn, what you can burn on private land. The list is endless. Everything can be a "threat" to our water, air, or food.

We can't even imagine the red tape and bureaucracy that would happen at an international level if the WHO is given this global authority!

Having a global "climate change" dictator will result in every conceivable form of regulation and control. The Green New Deal looks like child’s play compared to what these Marxists would demand.

There is some movement building in Congress. HR 79 in the U.S. House would withdraw America from WHO and stop taxpayer funding. And a new Senate bill ("No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act") was just introduced.

The "climate change" advocates liked the lockdowns. They claim, "in attempting to reduce the incidence of COVID-19, the months-long drastic worldwide reduction in economic activity ... was more effective in reducing CO2 than any of the many measures adopted in recent decades. During this period of almost total economic shutdown in many countries, emissions have been reduced to values not seen since 2006."

But these lockdowns caused a global meltdown. People died from isolation. Business collapsed.

But the lockdowns we experienced are just the beginning. The alleged result was a 7% reduction in CO2. The next goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 55% in Europe alone. I can’t imagine the staggering halt to the economy this would cause and the millions of deaths that would trigger!

In addition to starvation in vulnerable populations, more severe lockdowns would cause businesses to fail and people to commit suicide. But these socialists don't care because humans are carbon polluters, and the population must be drastically reduced in their planned utopia.

The heartache and mayhem these Marxists will cause is incalculable. They must be stopped now.

People starved because of the lockdowns. Lockdowns are not enough for WHO to reduce CO2 emissions. These documents will give WHO control over food, water, and medicines.

There are an increasing number of reports revealing that the WHO director-general's communist party withheld foreign aid from starving Ethiopians and denied emergency medical care for children who were associated with a political party that opposed his own goals.

In fact, "the coercive mechanisms [include] ... withholding the benefits of donor-funded programmes — such as fertilisers, agricultural seeds, food, microcredit, and job and training opportunities — on the basis of party affiliation."

"[W]e uncovered evidence that multi-billion dollar programmes funded by the World Bank and others have been politicised ... and are used as a powerful tool of political control and repression," wrote the U.K. director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) after conducting interviews with more than 200 people in Ethiopia, even as aid “more than doubled — between 2005-08."

And the same person who was in leadership over that intentional starvation debacle is now in charge of WHO and is the same person Joe Biden is pushing to have total power over the world food supply and distribution!

This will end in tragedy for millions of people if the WHO gains global power. We are in an emergency and must act immediately to stop this disastrous mistake. It is critical to act NOW! Together we can stop this push for socialism and restore our nation.

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