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The Faith & Liberty Monday Report

Sep 18, 2023

This week at Faith & Liberty, we are taking on some pretty big subjects — which is why we need your prayer support (specific requests below).

As you know, the world of women’s sports has been inundated with biological men claiming to be “transgender” and running away with wins and awards that should rightly go to women. This is the topic that will be addressed in Friday’s Fairness in Women’s Sports Forum. Both highly awarded athletes and congressional leaders will participate in this forum.

Our Ministry Center also will host members of the CHANGED Movement this week. These men and women have been transformed in their outlook on life. They have left the culture of twisted sexuality and now embrace a biblical understanding of their gender identity. They are in our nation’s capital to speak to this issue in the halls of Congress.

Will you join us in prayer as we stand against the forces of spiritual darkness that seek to keep men and women bound in sexual confusion?

Thank you, too, for your generous giving to Faith & Liberty as we fulfill our unique calling and vital mission on Capitol Hill. We are grateful for your support and also for you!

Your missionaries in Washington, D.C.,

The Faith & Liberty team

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  • Peggy Nienaber attended the “Internapalooza” event at the U.S. Capitol last Monday evening. Congressional interns from all over the country attended this open house, which gave us the opportunity to meet and invite them to our Bible studies and to church.
  • Our Bible studies started back this week — and we look forward to seeing what God will do!
  • Peggy participated in a planning committee adding new Bible studies at our Ministry Center and other events for congressional interns on Capitol Hill.
  • This past weekend, 30 young people, including interns and congressional staffers, joined a D.C. church that supports Faith & Liberty. That is in addition to the 27 who were also recently baptized! God is moving here in Washington, D.C.!


Peggy and staffers meeting at the National Mall for a birthday party

Interns at a Nationals baseball game

 Interns on Capitol Hill making their way to orientation

  • Tonight, Peggy will be attending the “Internapalooza” in the U.S. Capitol. Congressional interns from all over the United States will be hosted in the Capitol for a reception and event. This open house will give our team the opportunity to meet and greet these young adults. Inviting them to our Bible studies and local churches will help them connect with a Christian community while in Washington, D.C.

  • Once a month we’ll be having prayer time with staffers and interns. “Rock Wednesday,” as it’s called, will be held in the Rayburn Building, and Peggy will facilitate the prayer time, which starts this month. An email is going out to 3,500 staffers and interns to invite them to participate. Pray for our congressional staffers as they learn, work, and connect in the congressional offices.

  • Time for planning! This Thursday, Peggy will participate on the Fall Internship planning committee. We are working on adding two new Bible studies during the day to work with the intern schedules as some interns attend classes in the evening.

  • Our Bible studies start back this week, and we look forward to it!

  • The CHANGED Movement will be based at Faith & Liberty’s Ministry Center the week of Sept. 19. CHANGED members, who came out of the LGBTQ culture, will focus on educating members of Congress and their staff, and minister to any who want to leave that culture and identity in their past.

  • Our Fairness in Women’s Sports Forum is filled with 70 people signed up to attend.

  • Faith & Liberty is planning for September’s U.S. Capitol Police Officer of the Year Recognition Breakfast. This event gives us an opportunity to share the gospel and acknowledge law enforcement on Capitol Hill.

  • This weekend, we expect 30 more young people, including interns and congressional staffers, to join a D.C. church that supports Faith & Liberty. This follows on from the 27 who were also recently baptized upon their profession of faith in Christ! God is moving in our Nation’s Capital.


  • Pray for our nation as we mark 9/11 today. Pray that Americans from all walks of life, especially our leaders in government, will acknowledge the Lord in all their ways.

  • Thank the Lord for the start of a new intern season. We are thankful for the many opportunities we know He will provide for us to lead these young people to Christ and watch them grow in their faith!

  • Pray for the two new Bible studies that will be starting, that they will be filled with interns and staffers seeking to apply the Word of God in their lives.

  • Pray for Rock Wednesday, starting this month, and for Peggy as she leads this prayer time for any on the Hill who wish to attend.

  • Pray for guidance as we plan and prepare for each of our upcoming events.


Our efforts to bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our public policy makers are only possible because wonderful friends like you stand with us both in faithful prayer and in your generous financial support! Thank you!

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