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Sodom and Gomorrah Reincarnated in American Law

Sep 2, 2023

Six sorority sisters at the University of Wyoming are suing because a man pretending to be a woman has invaded their private spaces. Some of their members have been “sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.”

The last thing they want in their sorority house is a 6-foot-2, 250-pound biological man who voyeuristically watches their every move.

Artemis Langford claims he identifies as a woman. But the girls complain that he watches them change and gets physically aroused. One sorority member said that “some girls live in constant fear in their home and our home is supposed to be a safe space.” The lawsuit is attempting to stop this man from entering the “female only” sorority.

The problem these terrified girls face is that the national Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority fully embraces the insane notion that biology doesn’t matter and that a male can be female, mixed, or no gender at all.

Home IS NO LONGER A SAFE PLACE for these young women.  

However, if HR 15 passes, this bill will force similar situations on young women all across the nation. Like it or not, Kappa Kappa Gamma’s absurd policy will be mandated by federal law on everyone.

Members of Congress are returning to Capitol Hill. Faced with the last quarter of the session, there is an urgency to pass HR 15. We must stop it.

Please rush your urgent fax to Congress to stop Republicans from caving to HR 15 and block this bill. —Your Faith & Liberty team

An elementary teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, sent all the K-5 children a video telling them to no longer refer to him as “Mr.” From henceforth, they must refer to him as “Mx” because he is “neither male nor female.” He says he is “both, and sometimes neither.” I have watched the video. It is a sickening assault on the young minds of these vulnerable children.

In a subsequent article, this confused teacher writes:

I am a teacher. I run an elementary school science enrichment space.... I am not the only transgender teacher, but I am the first in our school district to publicly transition so openly. Male to Female. Sort of. Male to feminine, definitely. Non-binary.

This deviant indoctrinator of children concludes:

[O]ur students can glimpse a beautiful future. And it is beautiful, my darlings. Each day is beautiful, and if each of us steps up and each of us says, in the face of hate, “I am lesbian; I am gay; I am bisexual; I am transgender, my darling; I am intersex; I am asexual; I am absolutely and loudly an ally; I am so very, very QUEER!"

Daily we receive calls from parents whose kids are being indoctrinated. The misnamed “Equality Act” will cause this insidious indoctrination to spread like wildfire under force of federal law.

With every Democrat in the U.S. House (212) backing HR 15, they only need six Republicans to pass this bill. Returning from their August break, passing HR 15 this year is a high priority for the LGBTQ crowd.

We have a very narrow window to stop this bill. We’re asking you to make your voice heard on Capitol Hill by sending a fax directly to the key decision-makers in Congress. They need to hear from you.

Children are becoming props for a radical agenda at an alarming rate and with disastrous results!

While there is a serious risk to anyone, the LGBTQ agenda is targeting children with an estimated 4,000% increase in “gender non-conforming" youth, according to Dr. Miriam Grossman in her book Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist's Guide Out of the Madness.

One person duped by the false propaganda showed a video of 900 bottles and shots that he claimed he took in his failed quest to become a “woman.”  

One of the most caring things you can do is to help these people find peace in reconciling with their biological reality. There is hope.

However, if the Equality Act (HR 15) passes, even attempting to help people find peace could result in lawsuits. This is the most in-your-face attack on the freedom of speech and religious freedom to ever come out of Congress. If we let it out of the House, it will be even more difficult to stop in the Senate.

By the way, the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for “Queer.” This word covers the entire universe outside of LGBT — which means it includes “minor attracted individuals” (pedophilia). This is NOT an exaggeration! Every deviant behavior is covered by the “Q.”

Going back to the Kappa Kappa Gamma situation, there is no deviant fetish that would be beyond the demands of the Equality Act. This would be Sodom and Gomorrah reincarnated in American law.

Make no mistake, this bill is a very real threat. It paints a huge target on the backs of everyone.

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary


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