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Dead Wrong On this Issue

May 5, 2023

Israel’s prime minister exposed the very heart of what we are warning about. Israel became a massive clinical test site for Pfizer, and the people of Israel were unaware all the national data was being shared with Big Pharma.

In a recent interview, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proudly states that “Israel became … the lab for Pfizer, … we gave the information to the world.”

Netanyahu boasts that Israel has electronic medical records of about 98% of all Israelis — and that is what attracted Pfizer to Israel.

But now Netanyahu wants to gather everyone’s DNA and match this information to their medical records. He wants to give this information first to Israel-based companies and then to the world so that Israel can become a “light to the world.” Can you imagine what China or other governments could do with this information

What Netanyahu proposes is exactly what the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to accomplish globally.

We need to stop this globalized attack on medical freedom and privacy! Our U.S. Senators need to hear from you urgently to demand this freedom be protected now! — Your Faith & Liberty team

Netanyahu makes a host of shocking statements about his goals for Israel. Even before COVID hit, Israel was building a digital medical database, and Israel’s politicians admit to leveraging that data for political favors.

Netanyahu boasts about offering that data in exchange for Pfizer placing Israel at the front of the line. While we believe Bibi is good on national security, he is dead wrong on this issue. He hoped Israel would be the first nation to rid itself of COVID, but his dangerous experiment backfired and revealed the shots are not safe or effective.

Netanyahu states that “98% of our population has digitized medical records, little cards, and anywhere you go in any hospital ... boom, punch it in, and you know everything about this patient for the last 20 years. I said, we’ll use that to tell you whether these vaccines, what do they do to people ... statistically? What does it do to people with meningitis? What does it do to people with high blood pressure?”

Netanyahu offered access to that data to Pfizer to get to the front of the line for the Pfizer shots, and then he used heavy-handed tactics to force people to take these shots. But even that was not enough for Netanyahu. He goes on to envision the next level of invasion against the privacy of his citizens:

I intend to bring on that database of personal medical records for an entire population, a genetic database, genomes, OK. Give me a saliva sample. Volunteer. But I’m sure most people would do it. Maybe we will pay them. Now we have a genetic record on a medical record of a robust population.”

“Now let pharma companies, let medical companies, let them run algorithms on this database … you can create a biotechnology industry that is unheard of right now, unheard of, unimagined even.”

Netanyahu concludes, “This is a powerful engine.” And he is right, but the likelihood that power will be corrupted for evil is very high. And the power that this gives those who wield it is endless.

The WHO wants to do exactly what Netanyahu gushes about. If the WHO gains international binding authority, there will be no stopping this train.

If the WHO treaty and amendments pass, the WHO could require that all nations turn over the medical data of their citizens.

This global centralization of data is EXACTLY what we have been warning about.

One Holocaust survivor shared about IBM’s precursor (the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company) and other business elites that provided the technology Hitler needed to facilitate his regime. Vera Sharav is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and she doesn’t mince words:

IBM facilitated the rapid implementation of the Holocaust. Census data was contained in IBM computer punch cards. The Jews of Europe were quickly identified, rounded up, segregated, deported, tracked, imprisoned, tattooed, enslaved and exterminated. COVID-19 pandemic has exposed eugenics-driven public health polices in Western Europe and the United States.

Today, guess what technological company is one of the first to partner with multiple U.S. federal departments under the guidance of the White House to push for “vaccine credentials”? IBM, again!

The company has launched the “IBM Digital Health Pass.” The federal government lists this technology as one of its top considerations to use for a Vaccine Passport. This will create a two-class system of privileges for those who have taken the vaccine and those who have not.

Sharav warns, today’s technology is “far superior to IBM’s punch cards.” She says, “The virus is being exploited to maintain a state of fear … People are being conditioned to submit passively to government dictates.”

We must learn from this evil in recent history and stop the WHO takeover.


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