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We Must Finish the Fight

May 26, 2022

We have three days left of the World Health Assembly, which has joined with the Biden administration to pass amendments that will grant significantly more power and control to the World Health Organization. There is a report that 12 of the 13 amendments were temporarily withdrawn, but even if true, these amendments can be brought back at any moment.

The U.S. representative is pushing hard to get all 13 dangerous amendments passed. And globalists still have multiple paths to try to vest this same freedom-choking power into the hands of WHO, which I’ll explain below.

Right now, all of these paths are dangerous actions that will cede American freedom over to foreign control in WHO. They all end in catastrophic consequences to U.S. sovereignty.

Like a rattlesnake that can rear its head and bite and inject poison even after its head is chopped off, we need to ensure that these amendments or any treaty granting WHO this power is completely terminated.

To do that, Congress must hear a massive outcry against the WHO! Demand that Congress STOP Joe Biden’s push to put America under the U.N.’s one-world governance! — Your Faith & Liberty team

First, there are still three days left of the World Health Assembly. Globalists are desperate to empower WHO before the clock runs out after the assembly concludes May 28. We must continue to hold Congress accountable to fight any such attacks on our national sovereignty and personal freedom. One amendment is still on the table, and the other 12 amendments can resurface any time during the WHO meetings.

Second, there is already another hearing on these amendments scheduled for June 16-17, 2022.

Third, there is a separate “Pandemic Treaty” that the WHO will consider on August 1, 2022. This is very dangerous because the African nations that objected to Biden’s amendments do not oppose their substance. Rather, they want all the changes to be consolidated in a new Pandemic Treaty and not in piecemeal fashion.

Except for Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who blasted the Biden amendments and objected to WHO gaining more authority, there was little international objection against giving greater power to WHO. Some leaders are enamored with WHO’s socialist Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and others want the WHO to globally mandate universal health care.

Many of these foreign nations are dependent on aid from our U.S. State Department and grants that are funneled through NGOs, not to mention funding from Bill Gates and George Soros.

This is why it is so critical to demand that members of Congress do everything they can to block these amendments and to stop any future treaty that gives more power to WHO. Send your faxes to members of Congress to oppose sacrificing America’s sovereignty to WHO.

Your faxes are working. When we began messaging, members of Congress were unaware of these amendments. Biden hid them. But this week, we have seen momentum build.

We called on members of the House Freedom Caucus to push back, and on Monday, they did so by sending a letter to Biden. Some senators are now opposing WHO in their public statements. This week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis publicly opposed the WHO amendments. Then nations within Africa, Iran and Malaysia expressed concern or opposition to the amendments.

Finally, the president of Brazil was the first national leader to recognize what was happening on this world stage. President Bolsonaro came out guns blazing against WHO's power grab. “Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget about that. I’ve already spoken to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil.”

Bolsonaro continued, “I was the only statesmen [sic] that didn’t adhere to the lockdown policies.... I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with co-morbidities, and today studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right.”

Bolsonaro concluded:

Which state locked itself the most in Brazil? São Paulo. Which state had the most deaths per 100,000 people? São Paulo. That is a sign that I was right.

Globalists are desperate to pass these amendments. Many of them want to use the purse strings of the United States to empower WHO.

Send your urgent faxes to members of Congress to oppose sacrificing Americans’ sovereignty to WHO.

Bill Gates donated 750 million dollars to WHO from January to September 2021. He has said that his investment in vaccines has provided his biggest financial returns by far. Neither Gates, Soros, Big Pharma or China will give up their quest for global dominance and control.

The next three days will be full of high-powered lobbying at an international level with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. The globalists will leave no stone unturned.

Already, Biden has designated billions of your tax dollars for WHO in the 2023 budget to lay the groundwork for increased funding.

That is why it is critical to flood Congress with opposition to this power grab.

We cannot give up at their first sign of weakness. Now is the moment to lunge forward to finish the fight. The consequences of losing are catastrophic.

We must STOP THE WHO TAKEOVER OF OUR FREEDOM. Send your urgent faxes to demand members of Congress do everything in their power to protect American sovereignty and that of other nations.

We are on the front lines fighting on Capitol Hill, bringing the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our public policy makers. Help us defend religious freedom. DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift through our Challenge Grant.

Your missionaries to Washington, D.C.,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. Please also sign our petition to demand Congress STOP Biden’s one-world-order plans!


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