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A Vendetta to RUIN Trump

Feb 12, 2021

At least Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted that the "impeachment" of Donald Trump has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with a vendetta to RUIN Trump -- for all time. Read on to learn about the incredibly dangerous precedent Pelosi and the Senate are setting, and what we can do about it.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate is embroiled in a kangaroo court "impeachment." But America is NOT a banana republic. We have laws and a Constitution that MUST be followed -- even when certain politicians are fueled by extreme hatred. We urge you to send a strong message to the senators who think they can impeach the Constitution.

The U.S. House provided no evidence, no witnesses, and now that Donald Trump is out of office, there is no constitutional authority for the Senate trial. Every senator who supports this unconstitutional travesty should hear from "We the People."

It's time to flood the offices of each senator with faxes. Click here or below to send your critical fax to each member of the Senate to urge them to stop this unconstitutional impeachment. — Your Faith & Liberty team

As this show trial continues, we need to remember that Article II, sections 1 and 4 are clear: a private person cannot be impeached. A former president cannot be impeached.

Article I, section 3 is also clear: when THE president is on trial in the Senate, the Chief Justice SHALL preside.

But Chief Justice John Roberts has refused to preside over this trial because he knows it is unconstitutional and unlawful.

It is also important to note that Nancy Pelosi's House Impeachment Managers presented no witnesses and no evidence against President Trump during the rushed House proceedings. Nor have they presented any evidence in the Senate. Instead, the House Managers continue to play on emotions, motivated by their extreme hatred.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted the ruse last week. Reporters pressed Pelosi on the lack of evidence, before asking why she bothered impeaching someone who is no longer in office. Her response is telling, and a terrible sign of just how lawless some in Congress have become...

"In the court of public opinion," Pelosi told reporters, "they [House Impeachment Managers] will make their case. And for history and posterity, as our Founders said, 'to ourselves and our posterity,' they will make the case."

Did you catch that? Pelosi isn't thinking of the Constitution or the rule of law, she's thinking of "the court of public opinion."

In other words, Pelosi admitted that this “impeachment” has nothing to do with the rule of law and everything to do with a personal vendetta to RUIN Donald Trump - for all time. And, by extension, Pelosi and a number of senators want to shame and silence YOU!

We urge you to send a critical fax to the Senate to demand that our representatives condemn this bogus impeachment.

The law, the Constitution and Congress ARE NOT to be used to destroy people simply because of personal animus and hatred. The senators are entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to violate the law.

Remember, the Obama-Biden administration used the DOJ and the IRS to attack their political enemies. That administration was later forced to make a substantial financial settlement to targeted nonprofit groups and make a public apology.

We clearly remember their attack against Susan Pine, who was targeted by Attorney General Eric Holder because she was a pro-life sidewalk counselor. The federal court chastised the Obama-Biden DOJ for violating the law and targeting an innocent person. The court ordered the DOJ to pay substantial damages.

So, here they are again abusing power. Some in Congress believe THEY, not the Constitution, are the only and final authority. They are wrong -- and we must let them know that loud and clear.

This impeachment affects all of our futures. When power is used to abuse the rule of law, then we no longer have the rule of law at all. And the protections afforded us by the Constitution are rendered meaningless.

The House Impeachment Managers did not present evidence of a crime by former President Trump, because there was no crime.

The fact is, the incursion into the Capitol building began long before President Trump finished his speech. Those at the Capitol did not hear his speech as it was delivered far away from the Capitol.

Your faxes have already made a difference. Before we began faxing, 18 Republican senators refused to state the impeachment is unconstitutional. Now, 44 have gone on record, slamming the impeachment.

We need to flood the offices of senators with the voices of peaceful citizens standing against this unconstitutional and shameful "impeachment." Send your fax to members of the Senate right away.

Our Constitution has taken a LOT of abuse these last 12 months. But Faith & Liberty is fighting to uphold and defend our founding documents - and the rule of law. If we fail to defend the values and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution, then our religious freedom will also disappear.

That’s why your missionary team at Faith & Liberty continues to stand for freedom and the Constitution. With God's grace, we will continue to stand with pastors and believers across America in fighting unconstitutional church bans resulting in criminal charges, massive fines and jail – merely for opening and attending church.

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Your missionaries to Washington, DC,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President, Faith & Liberty

Mat Staver, Chairman

Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary, Faith & Liberty


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