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A Bill to Make Election Fraud Permanent

Feb 18, 2021

Remember our warning that unchallenged election fraud could end the hope for future honest and accurate elections?

We want to expose what leftists in D.C. are planning. They launched a nationwide bill that will make permanent the loopholes which were used to cheat—under the excuse of COVID—in all 50 states. But it doesn’t stop there. This bill also will create new loopholes for fraud and greatly expand existing ones!

Cloaked in Marxist double-speak, HR 1 is called the “For the People Act” but it is designed to dilute your vote, encourage fraud, vote buying, and solidify the control radicals have over individual Americans. This will have a huge impact not only at the national level but on the state and county levels as well!

Faith & Liberty does not engage in directly advocating for or against congressional legislation. But this bill cuts to the heart of American democracy and ultimately threatens our basic freedoms, including our religious liberty. That demands that we act to protect our liberty!

This is an urgent and critical battle! Send your fax now to show our leaders that we see through the radicals’ lies and we demand elections with real integrity. -Your Faith & Liberty Team

This proposal is more than 320 pages long with more than 117,000 words. Here are a few of the most egregious and dangerous aspects:

1) It unconstitutionally removes election authority from the states and places the federal government in control of our voting system. This makes organized corruption easier and more enticing. The Constitution recognized the risk of controlled elections and intentionally placed this power within the states.

2) It automatically registers people to vote based on government and private records, and individuals who do not wish to vote will be forced to decline their registration. This creates a much larger list of low-interest registrants which provides a greater opportunity to steal their ballots and fraudulently vote.

3) It tracks and makes public every single donation dollar. This will have a chilling impact on people who want to donate but are too scared, especially after radicals created an interactive map that pinpointed the full names and addresses of all known associates who donated to the Trump campaign. That provided roving bands of Antifa and BLM everything they needed to target people.

4) It changes the Federal Election Commission from a neutral body into a partisan-controlled group with little accountability to the voters. This reduces the protection for honest elections and places them under the control of whatever party is currently in power.

And this is just the beginning of this shocking power grab which would swing the door wide open to continue election fraud. This must be stopped! We have the ability, if we stick together.

Send your urgent fax to the U.S. Congress to demand that our national leaders uphold election integrity and vote to stop fraud from becoming permanent.

This proposed law could criminalize any attempt to verify if a person is a qualified voter and not a green card holder, illegal immigrant, too young to vote, etc.

It opens a Pandora’s Box that can be easily manipulated. Then, through intimidation, it could almost completely shut down volunteers, donors, and your voice. We must not allow this to happen.

Send your urgent fax to Congress and demand that HR 1 be stopped before it causes incalculable damage to our nation.

There is SO much more in this horrible bill. It . . .

  • Requires same-day voter registration nationwide. This makes voter fraud significantly easier, especially in states with off-year elections.
  • Prevents poll watchers from cooperating with election officials to identify and challenge voter registrations concerning fraud.
  • Demands that states give all released criminals the privilege to vote.
  • Forces states to extend periods of early voting, which has shown to have zero impact on turnout.
  • Restricts the ability of states to work together to catch people registered in multiple states.

We are giving you just an overview of this bill. There is more, but time is short to convey the extent of damage this bill will do. It already has more than 218 cosponsors in the House. This is a very serious threat to our nation. Click to send your critical fax directly to key legislators.

We have the opportunity to stop this attempt to legitimize election fraud—but not if we are silent. You can make sure that those in Congress understand the weight of this moment and demand that they fight against fraud becoming a permanent part of our election process.

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As always, we encourage you to join us in prayer for the protection of our nation.

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

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Then send a fax directly to members of Congress to urge them to fight against this fraud. God’s blessings on you.

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H.R.1 - For the People Act of 2021. (2021, Jan 4). 117th Congress (2021-2022 Session).