Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

The Faith & Liberty Monday Report

Dec 28, 2020

I pray you and your family had a wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior.

No one can deny it has been a challenging year, but it has also been a constant reminder that our hope does not lie in this world. Our hope lies in the ultimate gift and reason for the season—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In these times of uncertainty, we can set our minds on things above and rejoice in knowing that what is hidden from us is not hidden from Him.

Despite the circumstances of 2020, because of the Lord’s faithfulness and your generosity we were still able to engage in many ministry opportunities and bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our policymakers.

Here is a snapshot of what you helped accomplish in 2020:
  • Hosted the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon
  • The LIVE Nativity on Capitol Hill
  • Peggy Nienaber participated in numerous conference calls and zoom meetings throughout the year with congressional members, staffers, Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback, and newly elected congressional members.
  • The Faith & Liberty team led a prayer rally and press conference for Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett in front of the Supreme Court. We were interviewed by LifeSiteNews. When asked why we have persisted for so long and the importance of Christians taking part in politics, our Lead Missionary Greg Cox responded with the following:
"It is important that our voices are heard in the public square. The whole battle for religious liberty is about our ability to bring our faith into the public to exercise it in our daily lives. Many want to confine it to simply 'you're free to go to church' 'you're free to worship as you would like to worship'. But it ends there. Yet in reality, that's not religious liberty at all.

Religious liberty is our ability to exercise our conscience in everything we do. If we lose that, then all of our rights are gone. All of our rights are founded in the idea that they were given to us by God and we have the freedom to bring that faith, those values, those principles into the public square, in our workplace, in government, in academia, etc. All of those things are something that we should engage in on a regular basis. So we fight the good fight.

Ultimately, results are not up to us. The results are up to the Lord. But the Apostle Paul said 'not to be weary in well doing for in due season we will reap our reward.' So for more than three decades, we have been fighting for the sanctity of human life as an outpouring of our faith, our confidence in the Lord and our belief that we are created in the image of God.

As a result of that, we have brought that fight to the public square.

We have not been weary in well-doing.

It may very well be that in the not too distant future, with the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, we will reap the reward and see the overturn of Roe v. Wade, one of the worst decisions in the history of the United States that has resulted in the death of millions and millions of innocent children. Who knows what contributions they may have made to our society? Perhaps even a cure for COVID!

This is something important to us. We will not relent. We will not stop. We will not quit. God will honor that. Remember this: at the end of the day, the thing that is required of us is that we simply are found faithful. When we stand before the Lord, when I stand before the Lord, I want to be able to know that I was faithful to the heavenly calling and I endured to the end.

That's why we are here. That's why all of these folks are here. We stand for the sanctity of human life. We want to be faithful to the heavenly calling and to not quit in spite of what have been overwhelming odds. Maybe now in the very near future, we will prevail."
It is through your generosity that we are able to be present on Capitol Hill to minister to our nation’s leaders and their staff. And right now, because of a Year-End Challenge Grant, the impact of your gift will be DOUBLED. To make a year-end contribution to Faith & Liberty, click HERE.


Peggy Nienaber, Vice President
  • The swearing-in ceremony for newly-elected Members – January 3, 2021
  • Remembering the Preborn, Flowers & Prayer Vigil at the U.S. Supreme Court - January 22, 2021
  • Inaugural Prayer Breakfast (Distribution of Special Edition Scripture Booklets) - January 20, 2021
  • March for Life Rally – January 29, 2021
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.