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The Polls Lied and So Did Big Tech

Nov 6, 2020

The polls projected a blue wave across America. The fake news did too. Big Tech did everything in its power to hide important truth that voters needed to know before marking their ballot.

But against these overwhelming odds, that massive blue wave just didn’t happen.

Already a postal worker in Michigan admitted that they were instructed to break post office rules by using the wrong date stamp to get more ballots counted. And Pennsylvania Republicans had to defend their right to observe ballots being counted before the state Supreme Court.

Yet in the face of these incredible stories, Facebook continues to censor conservatives left and right. Even on President Trump’s page, Facebook placed a “correction box” with a link to its own content on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS POSTS yesterday. It is time to send a clear message to Washington that Americans are DONE with this Silicon Valley censorship.

Send your urgent fax right now to D.C. to demand an end to this censorship. -Your Faith & Liberty team

There was 14 billion dollars spent on this election. That’s more than double what was spent on the last presidential election. And it does not include the “in-kind” donations made by many of these social media censors to promote one candidate over another. Members of the Faith & Liberty team already filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on this behavior.

In spite of the incredible amount of money thrown at this election, for the moment, America is still standing. And that is a victory.

One national political commentator actually exposed the plans of radicals and Big Tech and what was at stake in this election. Radicals’ goals, if they would have gotten control of both the White House and Senate, were, “No more democracy, no more dissent. Permanent obedience from the rest of us,” this commentator said. “And they came shockingly close to getting that.”

At this moment in our nation, social media giants are becoming even more emboldened in their censorship. They are deciding winners and losers as to who will be seen by the public.

We cannot sit by silently and allow this to happen in our nation. Help us fight back now. Flood Washington D.C. with the demand that special government protections for Big Tech in Section 230 must end now.

Also, in Michigan a lawsuit was filed to allow Republican poll watchers back inside to monitor the ballot counting process in that state. There were “numerous counting locations” which had illegally denied this access, raising legitimate concerns about what they are doing inside that they are willing to break the law to cover up.

Yet, in spite of President Trump’s concerns about illegal behavior turning out to be true, none of the Big Tech companies have apologized. They have not walked back their accusations, and there is no indication that they will not continue to censor and suppress the truth. These companies will continue to infringe on the rights of private citizens all the way up to the president of the United States until patriots rise up with one voice and demand a new direction here in America.

Send your urgent fax directly to the government officials who have the power and authority to end this power play by Big Tech companies.

Do you know why these Tech companies are working so hard to sway this election?

Because they are afraid of you!

They know how deeply dependent they are on the special government privileges that have made them powerful. If these are removed, these companies will have to answer to the American people and the court system. And they are terrified that the playing field will be leveled and the current position of oligarchs in the United States will be destroyed.

Rather than lose their power, prestige, income, and control over the American people, they made a tacit deal with radicals to help each other take over the nation. In return, three of these Big Tech companies have high level former staff members on the “transition team” that Joe Biden launched yesterday.

The plan of these radicals is shocking. According to some, the radicals plans are as follows:

  1. Pack the U.S. Supreme Court
  2. Pack the U.S. Senate with brand new "states," and
  3. Pack their districts with new illegal immigrant voters

With those actions, America may never return to being a nation recognizable by the Founding Fathers. Radicals were playing for keeps. This is why it is critical to rise up now to fight against this power play by Big Tech and end the special privileges in Section 230 so they must stand on their own two feet as a private company. Act now to get this urgent message to Congress today.

We want to empower you to go beyond the headlines and understand why these things are happening. When we know the Truth, we will be set free by it in communities all across our nation. We encourage you to forward our emails, post them online, and become a voice in your community bearing fruit and bringing freedom.

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Now is not the time to give up but to press into our Heavenly Father and to push back against this destruction of our God-given liberties. Join us in calling for the Lord to once again allow His blessing to work through us and flow to our nation.

Fighting for Freedom,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. Now is the time to break the stranglehold that Big Tech corporations have on truth, free speech, and your liberty. Send a fax demanding that government officials move to protect freedom of information and free speech.

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