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Language That Goes Too Far

Oct 6, 2020

YouTube now bans "language that goes too far" - whatever that means.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have more power to determine what you can or cannot say than any president, Supreme Court Justice ... or king.

During a three-month period in 2019, YouTube deleted more than 4 million channels for violating its vague "community guidelines." In addition, more than 500,000 comments were deleted off YouTube because they were labeled as "hate speech."

It is time to fight back against this censorship before we lose our voice permanently. Congress, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) all have the authority to act to protect your right to free speech and the freedom to distribute information. On the heels of congressional pressure and a presidential directive, now is our opportunity to demand that they take action to stop the censorship.

Send your fax today to demand that Congress and the Administration end special government protections for Big Tech corporations that silence the free speech of others. – Your Faith & Liberty Team

Nowhere is Big Tech's double standard clearer than in the situation of Rich Penkoski, a pastor in West Virginia. He had more than 225,000 Facebook followers when his page was shut down for a year for discussing statistics about people involved in LGBT behaviors.

This level of censorship can become a life-or-death issue. Facebook shut down the pastor's page as he was encouraging a young woman who was struggling with suicide. Because of Facebook's actions, the conversation abruptly ended. He was not able to find out her fate.

Yet at the same time, Facebook continued to allow death threats to come to the pastor's personal page and threatening messages through their site. "The threats grew so severe" against Pastor Penkoski, CBN reported, "local law enforcement officials advised Penkoski to move his family for safety concerns."

This shows how violence toward Christians and conservatives is allowed, but the truth is not. Shocking censorship like this is escalating as companies are getting bolder.

It's time to demand the government shroud of special protection for Big Tech be lifted and courts be permitted to find justice in these situations. Send your urgent fax today.

Americans are not the only ones experiencing this online censorship. A study of seven countries showed almost 70% of people believed "there could be censorship taking place within their country."

Recently, Facebook's censorship targeted a group called "Hands off our Children PH," which fights against child-soldiers being recruited to violent communist groups in the Philippines.

The New People's Army is a violent Communist movement that is a known terrorist organization. Filipino parents and military leaders say it is actively recruiting children to join its violent mission. These parents and leaders created a Facebook group to help fight against this travesty.

But Facebook targeted the group as "fake." Then it completely deactivated the original group. “Hands Off” had to rename another page in order to keep their messages going out. This sends a chilling message to those fighting against this terrorism.

The Filipino Armed Forces Chief of Staff demanded that Facebook act "to prevent the spread of violent extremism and protect Filipino children from the communist terror group." And a spokesperson for the president stated: "The President does not tolerate the censorship of pro-government advocacies, including the advocacy to protect children against child enlistment as combatants."

In America, we need to lend our voices to fight against these heavy-handed tactics being used by Facebook both in America and around the world. Our nation desperately needs more truth, more freedom, and less censorship. Send your urgent fax to Congress and others to hold these American-based companies accountable.

Members of our Faith & Liberty leadership team are fighting against this growing censorship. We are building important alliances with members of Congress and other likeminded groups to organize and report censorship across America.

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Your missionaries to Washington, DC,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. It is time to remove special legal protections for Apple, Google, Facebook and more. Send a fax demanding our legislators and bureaucrats to immediately end protections for mass censorship.

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