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Five Steps to Communism

Sep 9, 2020

Pastor Cristian Ionescu of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church grew up in Communist Romania. And he has a chilling message for you today. He saw a five-step plan for how dictators implemented communism in his home country and now he is seeing that same plan being implemented here in America.

No longer can we be lulled into thinking that religious people cannot be persecuted, prosecuted, and imprisoned in America. Those who fled communism see what's happening in America. These simple words express what I mean: "Learn more. See more." They've been through communism. Their eyes see and their ears hear what many born and raised in a free nation might miss.

The same companies that created digital control and censorship in communist China have started censoring American voices too... by the millions! Being forcibly silenced has never been a part of the American Dream. It is time to wake up.

Our government has given special powers and legal protections to Big Tech corporations. These Tech Giants have taken advantage of this and are using it to interfere with the elections with estimates of up to 15 million votes. We believe that number could be much higher. Send your fax to Congress and the FTC. They have the authority to end these special privileges to these companies in order to restore free speech.

The chilling plan outlined below is how communists grow their party... or "eliminate anyone that stands in the way:

Our many pastor friends who fled communism have already observed (and experienced) parts of all five steps here in America!

These five steps show an eerie resemblance to the experience that Dr. Simone Gold had the moment she spoke out about hydroxychloroquine. Her board-certified medical license was smeared. Her voice was silenced off social media. Her website erased. Her web address held hostage. She was fired. And this all happened within days of her press conference in DC.

Big Tech worked hand-in-hand with Big Pharma to discredit and completely silence her because she didn’t say what they wanted her to say... instead she spoke the truth and paid a high price.

The question for us is will we let Dr. Gold and other truth-tellers be punished for their bravery? Or will we rise up with the voices of honest Americans and demand a better, freer America? Send your fax to Congress and the FTC to demand an end to the special protections these Big Tech corporations have enjoyed for too long.

Another pastor, Joseph Bondarenko, is sounding the alarm. He spent 10 years in prison in Russia because he refused to deny Christianity and embrace communism. He was tortured, beaten, and nearly starved to death. He offered this warning to America:

"Don't they realize what is happening now in America is exactly what happened to us in communist Russia?? It started with 'Don't gather. Don't sing. Spread apart. Listen to the government.' Then it quickly turned into full on persecution and the church did not wake up in time. I am here to beg you to call the church to WAKE UP, STAND FIRM, CONQUER," reported Jenny Rose Spaudo.

Right now, we are consistently praying for the pastors who have been criminally charged for preaching the good news, for unlocking their church, for not stopping the worship of our God. We are praying for these cultural warriors who are sacrificing so much to speak the truth. And we hope you will join us in praying for our nation. Pray that there will be an awakening of the hearts and souls across our nation, and the courage to stand for freedom.

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