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End Mass Censorship

Sep 4, 2020

Members of your Faith & Liberty team were involved in investigating the number of reported COVID-19 cases vs. the number of reported deaths in the states that restrict Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

In New York, where HCQ was medically restricted and publicly discouraged, the death rate was 0.074. New Jersey had a very strict ban on HCQ until almost 70 percent of their nursing homes had reported cases of COVID. Then NJ slightly relaxed burdensome restrictions from impossible to almost impossible to get HCQ. Within two weeks new case rates started falling dramatically. Unfortunately, NJ still has a death rate of 0.083. This is very similar to Connecticut where the rate was 0.084. All three states took a hard stance against HCQ that continues to this day.

But let’s compare that to states that allowed and encouraged HCQ. There is a remarkable difference. Texas has a cases-to-fatality rate of 0.020 and Florida a rate of 0.018. South Dakota, which asked for HCQ directly from President Trump had the lowest ratio we’d seen at 0.012. That means if you look at the two extremes, you are seven times more likely to die in an anti-HCQ state than a pro-HCQ one.

There are real lives hanging in the balance and the FDA is standing between these desperately sick patients and a highly effective treatment that they desperately need.

You can make a difference now. You can act on behalf of these patients that are all alone and having the truth withheld from them by tech guru’s and corporations. You can help them have the freedom to choose the best treatment for their sickness. Send your fax right now to demand that the truth be set free and that these government agents stop providing complete legal immunity to protect these censors.

Right now, the federal government gives these Big Tech corporations complete power to censor speech and your right to receive information, including life-saving medication. But the government goes even further—Big Pharma has legal immunity for vaccines. HCQ stands in the way of Big Pharma raking in hundreds of billions of dollars. Hiding critical medical information from those who need it should be prosecuted by our government, not protected by it.

Unfortunately, this censorship will continue until "We the People" demand better from our government—until we demand our freedom of speech and freedom of medical information.

Send a fax right now to the FDA, Congress and the FTC and insist that they end legal protections and the bolstering of this censorship.

This censorship is about so much more than a disease. The same tech giants that are hiding information from you, and censoring your speech, now want to know every single piece of information about you.

They want to watch your every move.

CNN reported late yesterday that Apple was including a new internal operating system with the capacity to track people for COVID. This means you will not have to download an app. Nor will you be able to uninstall it.

Apple controls the application and all the information it gathers. And while it is being launched as something voluntary, with a simple tweak, this tech company has the capacity to turn it on at will – and you might not even realize it.

Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington, DC are already in line to use this "streamlined version of Exposure Notification." App based versions are already up and running in Alabama, Arizona, North Dakota, Nevada, Wyoming, and Virginia.

These tech companies are quickly turning into tyrants.

And the shocking thing is our government is helping them. Our legislators and bureaucrats have given a free pass of legal immunity to Big Tech and Big Pharma vaccine makers.

Now is the time to fight back. Help us make these companies accountable to the laws of our nation and the rights enshrined in our Constitution. Send your fax today to demand that our government ends special protections for these companies.


Our team Capitol Hill helped deliver thousands of names to the FCC, to fight this censorship before the comment deadline closed this week.

But — we can only be the boots on the ground making your voice heard on Capitol Hill because of the donations of our friends and supporters. We urge you to make a much-needed investment in this prophetic ministry in Washington, DC, and give your best gift today to help us continue our efforts to impact the hearts and minds of our public policy makers with the Truths of the Gospel!

These battles are not going away, so if there is any way you can set up a recurring donation to carry our ministry through from month to month, we would be very grateful.

Thank you for your concern and support in this battle!

Your missionary team to Washington, DC,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

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