Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

The Faith & Liberty Monday Report

Aug 31, 2020

Tomorrow, Faith & Liberty will be joining Dr. Simone Gold in a Zoom webinar explaining the medical and legal crisis that is happening now with COVID and the censorship of Hydroxychloroquine. Due to an overwhelming response, we will offer the recorded video later this week.

On the other hand, the 2020 US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon is still in need of virtual readers. Please take advantage of this opportunity to proclaim the Word of God at the center of our nation like never before. Sign up online today for any slots between September 12th and September 16th.

Thank you for your partnership in this critical time!

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President


  • We held daily prayer meetings for the Republican National Convention.
  • We participated in the Purple Sash Revolution—Standing up for Pro-Life Women.
  • We continue to stay abreast of important national issues that impact every American as well as pastors and churches across the nation.
  • We hosted Candace Owens for her filming for the See Life Summit.
  • We are praying for the End Abortion Movement #LoveEveryHeartbeat
  • We continue to host our Monday Bible study for congressional staffers. It’s necessary in today’s world to build these relationships and strengthen these young adults. It’s helpful to see their familiar faces when we visit the congressional offices. Please keep them in your prayers.
  • We continue to connect with members of Congress via phone and zoom, enabling us to pray and support them as they need.



We continue our preparations for the Bible Reading Marathon being hosted this year at the ministry center. We also continue to prepare for our Prayer Retreat as well as the 40 Days of Prayer that will begin near the end of September. Our work continues as the day approaches.

Also happening this week:

  • Scheduling members of Congress to read at the US Capitol Bible Reading Marathon

There is so much happening in our nation’s capital that demands our attention and immediate response. Look for our ACTION emails coming up this week. We really need everyone to take a stand with us both in prayer and with your generous investment in this ministry.



Please continue to lift up the American churches who are standing up against unlawful and unreasonable restrictions. Please for wisdom and discernment for our nation’s leaders and pray for God’s peace to rule over our country at this chaotic time.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We are making a difference as your missionaries on Capitol Hill and it’s only because of your generous investment in this ministry that we are able to fulfill God’s calling on our lives.

We pray you are well, safe and whole.

God bless you!