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Lockdowns for Another Year?

Aug 13, 2020

Self-isolate forever? National Public Radio asked the experts. One expert said he would not be surprised if it took up to two years before we can move past masks and 6-ft social distancing, but he warned that we might never move past COVID-19.

So, if COVID-19 is here to stay ... are the COVID-19 restrictions permanent as well?

Are you ready to shut down your church? Your children's and grandchildren's opportunities and education? Permanently close businesses that will fail in the next two years? And leave the elderly and sick to suffer and die alone?

There is another way—a much better way.

Doctors teaching at Yale and Harvard have discussed the safety and power of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to successfully treat a high number of COVID-19 cases. But this message has been censored and silenced, causing the deaths of innocent people all across America.

Our focus is not on COVID treatments, although that is a major issue. Our concern is on the blatant censorship of opinions contrary to those deemed politically acceptable.

Right now, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives Big Tech legal immunity for censoring and silencing speech that does not match their company's political agenda. In addition, President Trump directed the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission to create a rule to protect free speech. Now is our opportunity to demand that they act immediately. Social media platforms and search engines are the worst censors in our nation.

Fight back against this censorship today with your fax to Congress and bureaucrats to hold these corporations accountable.

If we don't stand up for freedom, there could be some shocking consequences. Australia is locking down population centers in a horrific way. Reported rules are as follows:

In addition, the drone program can tell how fast someone is breathing, their temperature, their heart rate, if someone has coughed or sneezed, and it can monitor an entire crowd of people automatically.

We are not talking about communist China. This is the remains of what was a free nation up until just a few months ago. There are multiple women being brutally "arrested" by the police for simply being alone outside without a mask. One young girl had a note from her doctor exempting her from wearing a mask. But a police officer proceeded to put both hands around her neck, choke her, push her to the ground and sit on her stomach/hips to arrest her.

The complete attack on our freedoms all across the world is being driven by fear and power-greedy politicians. This is being encouraged and supported by Big Tech censors that are hiding the truth. There is encouraging news about the virus and highly effective treatments and prevention options from some of the top medical doctors in the nation. Instead of communicating this, Big Tech is pushing their own political narrative and erasing anything that doesn't fit their agenda.

It's time to hold these technology giants accountable. Send an urgent fax to demand that government protections for these censors stop now.

A coronavirus researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch points out the obvious. Vineet Menachery said, "we haven't been successful at eradicating many viruses at all. Really the lone exception is smallpox."  He thinks COVID-19 is here to stay, just like H1N1, H1N2, SARS, MERS, and more. So, we need to make sure that everyone has access to the best information from around the world. You should decide, not Big Tech and Big Pharma.

But that freedom is exactly what Big Tech and Big Pharma are fighting against. This is what they are censoring. And they are getting away with hiding the truth from the American public.

When asked, 6,200 doctors said HCQ is the most effective treatment for COVID-19. But when doctors here in America said the same thing, they were censored and silenced by Twitter, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Squarespace, and others. Not only was their speech silenced but it was replaced by a hyperlink to the same government that is sheltering these Big Tech censors.

It's time to end protections for corporations willing to sacrifice the health and even lives of Americans along the path to increase their favorite political power. Send your fax to Congress and the Departments that have the power to rein in the censors and restore free speech in America again.

At Faith & Liberty we want to help you push past the disinformation, fake news, and mental gymnastics and give you the truth. This is a critical time to act.

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