Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

Amidst the Chaos - Meet Me at the Ten Commandments!

Mar 17, 2020

As news of COVID-19 daily consumes our nation, at Faith & Liberty we are very close to the heartbeat of this national crisis. Monday we were asked to participate in a conference call with the White House for the latest corona virus briefing. We’ve received continual updates from both the executive and legislative branches of government.

And as our public policy makers strive to find answers, there has never been a more critical time to prophetically challenge our leaders with the truths of God’s Word and call them to humble themselves before the LORD! Our purpose is to join in unified prayer for our nation and our nation’s leaders. That is our mission and calling at Faith & Liberty!

Not only are we on the Hill every day boldly declaring the uncompromising Word of God, we are calling our leaders to prayer. In fact, this Wednesday - “Meet Us at the Ten Commandments” and join us for prayer! This 850lb. granite Ten Commandments sculpture in front of our ministry center is across the street from the Supreme Court. We will be interceding on behalf of the President, the Congress, the Courts, the medical community and the American people!

You see, for many this is an unprecedented time in American history. Sports venues are closing. Restaurants are closing. Even some churches are closing. Many, even in Washington, DC, don’t know what to do or where to turn. The result is a wave of fear and uncertainty consuming our nation. But our Faith & Liberty Ministry Center is open to serve the needs of those on Capitol Hill.

Much of that fear is being driven by social media platforms that are rife with fake news. For instance, a rumor was swirling that the Trump administration was ready to impose a two-week national quarantine.

That’s FAKE NEWS! But hysteria is still gripping the nation!

Against that backdrop of fear and anxiety, we are reminding our public policy makers of the powerful promises of sacred Scripture and challenging them to find hope in the Lord.

We want to remind you of those promises as well!

  • Are you uncertain? Remember, the steps of the righteous are ordered by the LORD!
  • Are you struggling with anxiety? Remember HE is your PEACE!
  • Are you facing financial challenges? Remember HE is your PROVIDER!
  • Are you sick? Remember, HE is your HEALER!

As people of faith we must be wise, prudent, and careful – BUT NOT AFRAID! Remember the words of the Psalmist, “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not FEAR!” Join us on Facebook LIVE for the “Meet Me at the Ten Commandments,” this Wednesday at Noon (Eastern standard time).

Of course, our efforts as your missionary team on Capitol Hill only happen because of the generosity and prayers of faithful friends like you. And right now, with the confusion and uncertainty accompanying the coronavirus, we’ve seen a drop in our support. For us, that is a critical concern.

Yet, just as we are challenging our leaders to trust the Lord, we too are confident in the Lord’s provision. For over 25 years, every day He’s been our ‘daily bread.’ And we are trusting Him today.

Will you join with us in trusting the Lord? To make your investment in this prophetic outreach to our national leaders, click here!

Together, we are bringing the Word of God to Capitol Hill. That’s why I’m asking you to make the most generous gift you can to Faith & Liberty. Thank you for your prayers and generous support. Together, we are making a difference.

We’ll keep you updated. May the PEACE OF GOD rest upon you and your family! And “Meet Me at the Ten Commandments” this Wednesday!

Your missionary team,

Peggy Nienaber
Mat Staver
Rev. Gregory Cox