Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

Everything Is on the Line...

Feb 11, 2020

With the election season now in full swing, the impact of what may happen in November is already evident on Capitol Hill.

Help equip pastors and churches with information on how they can take action this election season.

When President Trump was acquitted by the Senate, the anger was intense. Faith & Liberty's Vice-President was there in the Senate gallery when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with many radicals in congress, refused to accept the legitimacy of the outcome – some even vowing to impeach Trump again!

And your missionary team at Faith & Liberty stands as a prophetic witness to our nation's public policy makers!

  • We were there at the historic State of the Union address and we grieved in our spirit when one side of the political aisle sat on their hands in bitter silence.
  • We were there at the National Prayer Breakfast when President Trump restated his belief that every child is a gift from God as well as his commitment to defend the sanctity of life!
  • And we are on-site right now as congress debates the Born-Alive Act, a measure intended to save the lives of little babies who survive an abortion.

One of the witnesses against the Born-Alive Act works for the National Women's Law Center. On their website is this statement: "WHAT IS ABORTION ACTUALLY? It's an act of love. It's compassion, healing, selflessness – and so much more."

Can you believe that?

Our opponents are so twisted in their hatred of those values foundational to our mission at Faith & Liberty, they believe taking an innocent preborn life is an act of love! Talk about a reprobate mind!

And, those hateful ideas could prevail in America if the wrong people win the election in November. Everything we believe is on the line this time!

That's why, as we enter one of the most important election cycles in America's history, it is imperative our voices are heard – even as our opponents want to silence all of us! But silence is NOT an option!

 That's why we are working right now to put the Silence Is Not an Option resource pack in the hands of thousands of pastors in battleground states. In Silence Is Not an Option, our Chairman, Mat Staver, details the legal rights of pastors and churches and gives examples of the actions pastors and churches can take in this upcoming election.

A nationally known pastor remarked about Silence Is Not an Option, "After watching the video I felt like a prisoner set free. Everyone tells me what I can't do, but you told me what I CAN do."

Amazingly, for just $10 we can put our Silence Is Not an Option resource pack directly into the hands of pastors and churches across America.

Please note that TIME IS SHORT! We must reach as many churches as possible well before Election Day to counteract the flood of misinformation being sent to them from the ACLU and others. Specifically, we need the resources to reach 20,000 top-tier churches to meet our goals.

Can we count on your help to sponsor TWO, THREE, FIVE, TEN or more key battleground churches?

By joining in this effort, you are partnering with Faith & Liberty and concerned Christians across the country who want to ensure that the voices of people of faith are not silenced in this critical election!

Thank you in advance for standing with us -- and may all of God's very best be yours!

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Greg Cox, Lead Missionary