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America Is Inviting God's Judgment

Oct 21, 2019

Although you will NEVER hear it in the mainstream media, the California Attorney General’s lawyers let slip during the criminal case against pro-life hero Sandra Merritt that infanticide is acceptable—even legal—in the state of California for children who are earmarked for abortion!

As shocking as that may sound, at Faith & Liberty we are seeing this radical and horrific belief become increasingly mainstream…spreading beyond California to New York, Illinois, Virginia and Florida, to name a few states that are following California’s deadly lead.

This shift in our nation explains why the California AG’s office is refusing to prosecute Planned Parenthood when proof of infanticide has been thrust under its nose. They should be prosecuted, not the brave pro-life grandmother who has helped expose this great evil!

This case also demonstrates why the Born-Alive Act is so critically important. We urgently need a nationwide ban on infanticide that includes punishments for those who neglect, abuse, or murder newborn babies.

The sad reality is that infanticide is not a new phenomenon. In the misguided belief it would bring them prosperity, the ancient Canaanites regularly sacrificed children to the false god Moloch.

Statues of Moloch were usually made of metal. A roaring fire was built in the god’s belly with outstretched arms slanting up from that belly. The infant would be placed in the statue’s hands and, as it tried to squirm away from the burning metal, it would roll down into the fire and burn to death.

Nearby, the priests of Moloch would beat their drums to try to drown out the baby’s cries, so that the parents would not be moved to try to rescue the infant. When Israel began to join in that evil practice, they brought the judgment of the Living God upon themselves!

The revolting truth is that we have created our own Moloch in America.

Planned Parenthood is offering the same ancient illusion to desperate, often unwed mothers who feel they can’t afford to support a child while it routinely profits through the sacrifice of innocent life.

And the mainstream media outlets are complicit by providing a nearly complete media blackout of what is happening in the 700 “clinics” Planned Parenthood operates across our nation.

This sickening reality drives us to our knees -- and we ask you to join us in prayer for our nation right now. Pray that the God of the impossible will make a way for us to end this modern holocaust!

We also ask you to be a part of the solution. One of the best ways to demand change is to contact the legislators who are sitting on the Born-Alive Act and refusing to allow it to advance to the House floor for a vote. Will you click the button below to send an urgent fax calling for crucial action right now?

The Born-Alive Act will create punishments for any abortionist who is caught ending the life of a born-alive newborn. It will give nurses the support they need to demand that life-saving care be given to these babies. And it will stop the practice that Sandra Merritt exposed: That Planned Parenthood is birthing children alive so that they can make obscene profits from dissecting and selling beating hearts, active brains and other organs.

Please help us tell Congress this outrageous practice must stop!

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Thank you for standing with us in your prayers and in your generous support in this life-and-death battle!

Your missionary team at Faith & Liberty