Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

Camel Traffic on Capitol Hill?

Oct 11, 2019

It’s coming soon! On Wednesday, December 4th, the Faith & Liberty Live Nativity will be on Capitol Hill!

Although it’s only October, we are already hard at work securing the necessary permits, the animals, the cast and crew and all the other parts of this remarkable living reminder to our public policy makers to keep Christ in Christmas!

The Live Nativity includes a camel, a donkey, three sheep, a family with a newborn infant and a full cast of characters dressed in first century costume.

In the District, we coordinate with three police jurisdictions. The front of our Ministry Center across from the Supreme Court is under the Metropolitan jurisdiction. The middle of the street is the Capital Police. On the other side of the street is under Supreme Court jurisdiction.

While preparations are exhaustive, what a powerful and vivid reminder this Nativity Scene is about the birth of our Savior! In DC, we walk to the front of the Supreme Court on one side and the Capitol Building on the other. Can you imagine the amazement this first century entourage with live animals brings to the Capital?

Cars stop, taxi drivers get out and take photos, police smile and wave, and faces peer out in astonishment from the legislative and judicial offices on the route.

Because many of our costs are on the front end of our Nativity planning, we need you to partner with us this year to bring Christ to the nation’s Capital. The Live Nativity literally costs thousands of dollars and your gift is vital to help us continue this unique ministry.

Please take a moment now to make the most generous investment possible in this “Living Gospel Tract” to our nation’s leaders.

Your gift will help us during this critical time in preparation for the Live Nativity as well as with our many other missionary efforts on Capitol Hill.

And also join us in prayer that this year’s Faith & Liberty Live Nativity will be our most successful ever. With the unprecedented bitterness and partisan strife on Capitol Hill, our leaders need to be reminded they, too, can know the “Prince of Peace!”

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. We look forward to hearing from you.

Your missionary team to Capitol Hill