Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

Stop the Anti-Christian Bigotry

Sep 10, 2019

Our freedom is at stake! We need to act now to Stop the Anti-Christian Bigotry taking direct aim at our Christian faith and our constitutional rights!

For over 25 years, we have worked effectively to challenge our nation’s leaders with biblical truth. The result? God has given us unprecedented opportunities to touch some of the most powerful and influential leaders in government with the Gospel.

Yet, if ever those effort were needed in our nation’s capital, it is right now!! Why do we say that?

Because radical LGBT activists are working overtime to transform what it means to be male or female. These radicals are pushing a proposed law, the so-called “Equality Act,” that would redefine sex and gender. This law is a direct threat to our religious freedom!

The “Equality Act,” which passed in the House, effectively establishes that LGBT dogma trumps religious freedom in ALL CASES, making our freedoms subservient to the new sexual revolution LGBT activists want to force on your children and grandchildren.

Because this dangerous legislation is facing a difficult route to passage in the Senate, LGBT activists in Congress are working aggressively to pass their outrageous agenda by inserting parts of the dangerous “Equality Act” into other bills. AND IT’S WORKING!

Right now there are NINE bills and amendments making their way through Congress that include aspects of the “Equality Act.” For instance,

  • The Customer Non-Discrimination Act (HR 2687) opens all restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc, to anyone who simply claims to be the gender listed on the facility door. This includes churches because religious freedom exemptions are denied.
  • The Stronger Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (HR 2480) establishes that teens and even pre-teens have a RIGHT to choose their sexual identity and even have life-altering treatments and surgeries WITHOUT PARENTAL KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. This law would deem it "child abuse" for parents or guardians to refuse to give a child hormones or so-called sex reassignment surgery.
  • Do No Harm Act (HR 1450) targets all religious freedom exemptions and eliminates them in favor of LGBT and pro-abortion claims. This would force doctors to take actions that they believe are wrong, such as performing abortions or “transgender” surgeries.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are several other proposed laws, including appropriations bills and defense bills, that are included in this ‘stealth’ campaign by LGBT radicals to undermine our freedoms, tear apart our families and strip away our religious liberty!

As your missionaries to Capitol Hill, we are determined to fight this radical anti-Christian bigotry, but we need you to join us in the battle by taking two important actions!

First, take a moment to send an immediate fax to Congress. Our legislators need to hear loud and clear that we will not accept these attacks on our freedom. And it makes no difference if these attacks are all in one bill or spread out among many. Will you stand with us to help stop this legislation by sending your fax right now?

Second, please prayerfully make the most generous investment you can in Faith & Liberty as we work day and night to fight this LGBT assault on our faith and our freedoms. Please let us here from you today! Every gift is both urgently needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for standing with us in the battle.

We remain your missionary team to our nation's public policy makers!