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Help Us Honor a Deserving Officer!

Aug 27, 2019

U.S. Capitol Police Officer of the Year Award - 2018

The Bible says to give honor to whom honor is due – and at Faith & Liberty we intend to do just that!

At a time when too many in America are criticizing the brave men and women who serve our communities, your missionary team at Faith & Liberty, in conjunction with the Capital Forum Club, will soon award a deserving public servant with our annual U.S. Capitol Police Officer of the Year Award.

This extraordinary breakfast and awards ceremony, held in the historic Mansfield Room inside the U.S. Capitol, will take place this year on September 10.

There are several diverse police departments serving each branch of our federal government, including the Secret Service, the US Capitol Police, the police force of the Supreme Court, and the District of Columbia Police Department. And every year only one police officer, who may be from any of these departments, is selected by our committee for their outstanding service. Often involving saving a life at great personal risk, this officer’s meritorious conduct is awarded through a very special presentation. The breakfast and award ceremony is attended by the House & Senate Sergeants at Arms, the Chief and Assistant Chief of Police, the Architect of the Capitol, as well as many other prominent leaders.

The recipients of the award often humbly convey they were ‘just doing their duty.’ But you can see the tears when those in attendance hear the powerful stories of life-saving courage related by the brave men or women in uniform who are the award recipients.

The officers often express they can’t believe we went to the effort and expense of presenting them the award at the Capitol Building. But what we do pales in comparison to what they have done!

To be sure, bringing everyone together and holding the breakfast and awards ceremony in the US Capitol is expensive, but we believe these courageous police officers deserve nothing less.

Will you stand with us as we stand with the men and women of our police departments?

Please take a moment right now to make the most generous contribution you can to help us pay for the Capitol Hill Police Officer of the Year Awards Ceremony. We want to tell everyone in the room that this special celebration was paid for by caring and concerned citizens from across America!

You can help encourage the men and women who daily risk their lives for us by clicking here.

On behalf of all of us at Faith & Liberty as well as the incredible police officer who will soon receive the US Capitol Officer of the Year Award, thank you for your prayers and your giving.

Your missionary team to Washington, D.C.