Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

Silence Is Not an Option

Aug 2, 2019

Make no mistake about it, those pushing the radical LGBTQ agenda in the so-called "Equality Act" want to silence your church and silence your pastor.

At Faith & Liberty, one of our most important responsibilities is to make certain pastors across America are fully informed about the great cultural and moral issues facing our nation. That’s why we’ve spent the last week at one of the largest gatherings of evangelical ministers in the country.

While Faith & Liberty is a non-denominational missionary outreach to Capitol Hill, we often work with many of the largest churches and Christian denominations in the nation in our efforts to bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our public policy makers.

This week, thousands of pastors came to Orlando for their denomination’s biennial General Council. And we’re here to remind them that with the extremist LGBTQ agenda, SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION!

This is a very expensive outreach for Faith & Liberty, but the threats to our religious liberty demand we make the effort. In fact, with the critical upcoming elections, we’re here to encourage these wonderful pastors to challenge their congregations to vote and to be involved in their local communities!

To make that happen, we’re offering every pastor a copy of our SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION Pastors & Patriots Action Pack (dvd & booklet). That’s THOUSANDS of action packs being disseminated to pastors all across the country!

You see, groups like the ACLU and American Atheists want you to think if your church does anything that might appear to be ‘political,’ you are breaking the law. They want you to just stay in your churches and be quiet.

But, they are NOT telling you the TRUTH!

And our SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION Pastors & Patriots Action Pack sets the record straight. It gives very clear guidance for pastors as to what they can and cannot do from the pulpit.

And every day of this last week we’ve been distributing them to some of America’s leading pastors.

But we need your help! To have our team in Orlando and to make these action packs available to pastors is very costly. Will you prayerfully consider making a very special investment to help us in this monumental task? Your gift will literally help make certain this nation’s pastors are fully prepared to get their congregations engaged in the battle for our nation’s soul!

To make your immediate and much needed gift, click here.

And, for a gift of $10 or more, we will send you a SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION Action Pack to give to your pastor!

Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for your generous gift! And, thank you for standing with us in our unique missionary outreach to Capitol Hill!

Your missionary team at Faith & Liberty