Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

An Intense Week of Ministry

Jul 23, 2019

Last week, government officials, NGOs, and religious and civic leaders from around the world came to our nation’s Capital for the Ministerial Summit to Advance Religious Freedom – and your missionaries at Faith & Liberty played a pivotal role in the planning and implementation of this historic gathering. 

Luong Xuan Duong shared accounts of persecution in Vietnam

It was an intense week of ministry, beginning with the welcoming breakfast at our ministry center right across the street from the Supreme Court and one block from the U.S. Capitol Building.  Faith & Liberty’s Vice-President Peggy Nienaber, welcomed guests from an amazing cross-section of faith and culture. There were leaders from Tibet, Nigeria, Sweden, Azerbaijan, and Israel, just to name a few of the countries represented. Many of those in attendance later met with President Trump in the Oval Office.

U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Liberty, Sam Brownback, brought an inspiring word of hope as he challenged everyone to take up the cause of religious liberty. Faith & Liberty’s Lead Missionary Rev. Gregory Cox, led a prayer that our nation would experience a ‘new birth of religious freedom.’

We then hosted the delegation to the Ministerial Summit from Nigeria for a first-hand account of the religious persecution happening in that country. The distinguished panel of Nigerian civic and religious leaders included a young man named Ike who shared his own heartbreaking story as a survivor of a murderous terrorist attack.

Nigerian leaders present a harrowing first-hand account of the persecution of Christians

Every day, Christians in Nigeria suffer at the hands of Muslim Fulani herdsmen. The majority of farmland is owned by Christian farmers. The herdsmen kill the Christian farmers and take over their lands in order to feed their cattle. At first these slaughters were primarily in the remote regions of northern Nigeria. However, they are now spreading across the country.

Thousands of Christians have fled their lands and now live in dreadful conditions in makeshift refugee camps while the government of Nigeria turns a blind eye to their plight.

And that’s just in Nigeria. Tragically, the rising tide of the persecution of people of faith is literally being felt around the globe – including here in the United States.

Lest you think we exaggerate, imagine what might happen if anti-Christian legislation like the so-called “Equality Act,” passed by the House of Representatives, becomes law in America. Every church, every Christian college, every Christian counselor, every pastor or church leader who preaches the uncompromised gospel is threatened!

That’s why Faith & Liberty is fighting so hard to defeat the “Equality Act” – and it’s also why we fight every day on Capitol Hill to preserve and defend our religious freedom! We are on the front lines of the battle for the soul of our nation, but we need you to stand with us in the fight! Through your giving, you can make a difference in the hearts and minds of those who make public policy in America!

Take a moment right now to make the most generous gift you can to this unique gospel outreach to our nation’s leaders. Together, we are bringing the TRUTH of God’s Word to power.

Thank you for your prayers and your generosity! May all of God’s richest blessings be yours! 

Your missionary team to Washington, D.C.