Making A Difference In The Nation's Capital Through Prayer And Action

The Price of Liberty

Jul 9, 2019

In his fight to end slavery, abolitionist Wendell Phillips said: "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!"

That call to vigilance in defense of liberty is why Faith & Liberty is helping plan the Ministerial Summit to Advance Religious Liberty, sponsored by the US State Department. In just a few days, we will welcome at our facility on Capitol Hill, right across from the Supreme Court, representatives from over 80 different nations gathering to focus on the growing threat of religious persecution across the globe.

Today, one of the most dangerous threats to our religious freedom in America is being advanced by LGBTQ extremists in Congress. HR 5, the so-called “Equality Act” will effectively destroy the religious liberties so important to our Founding Fathers.

That’s why we need you to act now and send a fax to the US Senate to stop this radical legislation.

If HR 5 becomes law it will allow men in women’s private facilities, like bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms, shelters and more. Again, this also includes every church! Biological boys and men can demand to be with women in overnight events where housing or hotels are provided for sporting, academic or mission trips. This law will cause non-complying churches, schools and nonprofits to lose tax-exemption and cause colleges to lose accreditation, which will be the death of Christian schools. It will allow men pretending to be women (and vice versa) to demand the right to teach in churches, schools and daycare centers and literally ban counselors from providing, and everyone (including adults) from receiving, any counsel to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction, behavior or identity.

The “Equality Act” also expressly states that the free exercise of religion is not a defense. In other words, the LGBT agenda would trump your first amendment rights.

That’s why we must stop this radical bill in the Senate. But to do so we need your help! At Faith & Liberty, we are working hard to oppose this terrible – and dangerous – proposed law. While it has passed in the House of Representatives, it is now in the Senate. We must stop it there!

Make your voice heard immediately with a targeted fax to the US Senate to stop the "Equality Act!"

And, will you also consider making the most generous investment you can in this unique missionary outreach to our public policy makers?

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We are working hard to challenge our nation’s leaders with the Truths of the Gospel – and now, with the Ministerial to Advance Religious Liberty, our influence will be felt around the world. But that only happens because of the prayers and faithful support of friends like you.

Thank you for standing with us! And, may all of God's very best be yours.


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