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The Rise of the Thought Police in America

May 29, 2019

For 24 hours, Evangelist Franklin Graham was banned by Facebook. A 2016 item Graham had posted was removed. Facebook has since apologized, said the ban was a mistake and replaced the 2016 post they previously deemed to be "offensive."

What was the egregious, hateful material Rev. Graham posted in 2016? Apparently, it was his Facebook response to a decision by recording-artist Bruce Springsteen to cancel a concert at that time because of the North Carolina legislation not allowing gender-confused men to use women's facilities.

According to the Charlotte Observer, here are Graham's words in 2016:

"He (Springsteen) says the NC law (HB 2) to prevent men from being able to use women's restrooms and locker rooms is going 'backwards instead of forwards.' Well, to be honest, we need to go back! Back to God. Back to respecting and honoring His commands."

While we might cry out a resounding Amen! to the call to return to common-sense morality, for at least one member of Facebook's 15,000-member 'content review team,' such language was unacceptable to Facebook and the equivalent of "hate speech."

Do you get that? The very call to return to biblical morality, in the mind of Facebook's "thought police," is in itself immoral and hateful!

And if HR 5, the so-called "Equality Act," becomes law, we will see such attacks on biblical morality in America on a regular basis!

At Faith & Liberty, we are determined to stand against the increasing flood of anti-Christian bigotry and its many manifestations.  We believe we are prophetically called to Washington, DC, as YOUR missionaries to our nation’s leaders for such a time as this!

Our mission is simple: To bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of those that make public policy in America. And those top elected and appointed officials include members of the highest levels of the federal judiciary.

We believe God has both called and positioned us to reach out to our nation's top judges and justices. We are located directly across from the U.S. Supreme Court, a block from the U.S. Capitol, and 10 minutes from the White House!

And at this very moment, we are preparing for a one-of-a-kind outreach to the federal judiciary. While the need for discretion requires that we do not share details (thank you for understanding), we know God has opened doors to us that are available to no other ministry in the nation!

But to walk through those doors requires both the prayers and the generosity of our faithful friends and supporters. Friends like you!

Will you take a moment right now to make the most generous investment in Faith & Liberty you can? Your much-needed gift will help fund our outreach to the federal judiciary!

Thank you for standing with us as together we declare TRUTH to those in power in America!

Your missionaries to Capitol Hill,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Greg Cox, Lead Missionary