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Forcing Radical Values on Your Family

May 24, 2019

Now that the House of Representative has passed the dangerously and deceitfully misnamed "Equality Act" (HR 5), the battle focuses on the Senate.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made his feelings about HR 5 well known when he tweeted "Americans shoud be very proud today!" after nine Republicans joined 236 Democrats to overwhelmingly pass HR 5 and send it to the Senate.

Now, Senator Schumer is clamoring for a Senate vote on this radical attack against religious liberty, the unborn and women. The so-called "Equality Act" is an LGBT wrecking ball to your freedom which pushes their radical agenda in every area of life--including the church.

And Sen. Schumer--one of 46 "Equality Act" co-sponsors in the Senate--can't wait to force this extreme measure on you, your family and the nation.

That's why our Petition to Stop HR 5 is so important. We must stop this insidious bill in the Senate!

Sign our Petition

As we've said before, if HR 5 becomes law, it will:
  • Allow men in women's private areas, like bathrooms, showers, dressing rooms, shelters and more. Again, this also includes every church!
  • Allow boys and men to demand to be with women in overnight events where housing or hotels are provided for sporting, academic or mission trips.
  • Cause non-complying churches, schools and nonprofits to lose tax-exemption.
  • Cause colleges to lose accreditation, which will be the death of Christian schools.
  • Allow men pretending to be women (and vice versa) to demand the right to teach in churches, schools and daycare centers.
  • Ban counselors from providing and everyone (including adults) from receiving any counsel to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction, behavior or identity. This bill literally sets the stage for banning the Bible, which offers the power to free those wanting to turn away from homosexual conduct.
  • Require churches to allow same-sex weddings if the church is open for weddings between a man and a woman.

HR 5 also expressly states that the free exercise of religion is not a defense.

Do you see why we must stop this radical bill in the Senate? But to do so we need your help!

Take a moment right now to sign our "PETITION TO STOP HR 5!With your signature, we are telling Chuck Schumer and other key Senators that HR 5 is totally unacceptable!

In addition to signing the petition, please make an immediate, online gift to help Faith & Liberty fight this terrible law! Whatever you give will be greatly appreciated - and is greatly needed!

It is only because of the prayers and support of friends like you that we can be your missionaries to the nation's capital.

Thank you for signing and submitting your PETITION TO STOP HR 5. Together, we stand for the fundamental biblical and constitutional values and liberties we all cherish!

Your missionaries to the nation's capital,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Greg Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. Please forward our PETITION TO STOP HR 5 to your friends, family, neighbors and churches. Challenge them to learn about the so-called "Equality Act" and get involved in stopping it. Thank you!