Transforming lives with Good News in the Nation’s Capital

CHRISTmas in the Capital

Dec 24, 2018

CHRISTmas in the Capital

It has been a momentous year at Faith & Liberty! Beginning with the Sanctity of Human Life and the Memorial for the Preborn, to the Bible Reading Marathon during the week of the National Day of Prayer, to the confirmation hearing of Justice Kavanaugh, and capping off the year with the Live Nativity, we have presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the nation’s capital!

And now, since we have become part of the Liberty Counsel family of ministries, the opportunities for ministry have dramatically increased. Because of your prayers and generosity Faith & Liberty (we changed our name from Faith & Action) has prophetically proclaimed the message of God’s redemption in publicly and privately.

Just a few days ago, we completed our most successful LIVE NATIVITY ever, the only time the full meaning of CHRISTmas is both proclaimed and dramatically displayed for everyone on Capitol Hill to hear and see. The image of the Holy Family on Capitol Hill – – passing Congressional office buildings – – in front of the Supreme Court – – opposite the US Capitol – – and along the side of the Library of Congress makes it impossible for anyone to ignore!

Thank you for being part of this mission to the nation’s capital. We are your missionaries to reach our nation’s leaders with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Please know that together we are making a difference in our nation’s capital! 

On behalf of our entire team at Faith & Liberty, Merry Christmas! 

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President, Faith & Liberty 

Mat Staver, Esq., Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel

Greg Cox, Lead Missionary, Faith & Liberty