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HR 8404 forces every state to accept, honor and obey the crazy “marriage” laws of any other state.

Beyond same-sex marriage, HR 8404 empowers a state to force its marriage laws upon other states and territories. A handful of states like California have no minimum age for marriage, resulting in the terrible abuse often referred to as “child bride marriage.” These marriages are often forced upon young minors who were sexually abused or forced into such relationships.

The bill has essentially no religious liberty protections. The fact that three religious liberty amendments were rejected by the Senate (proposed by Sens. Lee, Lankford and Rubio) in favor of the Baldwin-Collins amendment illustrates the open disdain the bill presents to religious freedom.

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Dear Member of Congress,

I am deeply concerned about the “Respect for Marriage Act.” I believe this is a political stunt with devastating consequences. As it is written, if just one state allowed incestuous marriage (e.g., between a father and daughter or mother and son), this bill would force all 49 states to recognize and respect that “marriage.”  

Also, if only one state allowed child brides, this same bill would force the other 49 states to immediately honor those as well! This is a Pandora’s Box. This bill goes far beyond just a “repeal” of the Defense of Marriage Act. Instead, it will force every state under the threat of law to recognize any and all marriages. One state can dictate the policy for the entire nation.  

This is a federal law enslaving all 49 states to the bad laws of just one state.
A healthy marriage is the foundation of society that teaches children how a man and a woman should interact and care for each other. But this bill will attack and destroy the foundation of our nation, which is critical to any society that cares for its long-term stability and health.  

I urge you to vote against the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.”

(Your Name)