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The Election Is NOT Over

Nov 13, 2020

Big Tech, Fake News, and Joe Biden are recklessly doing everything in their power to set our nation up for riots and violence by claiming that the election is over.

The election process and ballot counting are still ongoing in the states necessary for either presidential candidate to win. For democracy to survive, it is vital Americans believe in the integrity of our elections. Right now, there are many moving parts and legal challenges that must be documented and litigated all the way to the Supreme Court. This is why members of our team are engaged in this fight for the future of America.

Already there are 11,000 instances of alleged irregularities and illegal behavior regarding this election ... and this number is growing by the minute. More than 500 affidavits have been signed under oath and reviewed by attorneys. Every allegation must be investigated and, where possible, litigated.

Sign the letter to President Trump and rush your donation today to support our team on the frontlines to help us have the resources necessary to help with this process. -Your Faith & Liberty Team

Faith & Liberty is on the front lines fighting for an accurate and honest election. We are gathering information, monitoring the vote counting process (where permitted), and documenting evidence for ongoing lawsuits.

Until the results from all the states are certified and the electoral college has cast their ballots, Joe Biden is not the President-Elect! Despite the lies of the media and his irresponsible press conference, this election is not over.

Members of our team are part of an ongoing investigation in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and there are also investigations ongoing in Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. This is a painstaking process. Already we know the following:

A close friend of our ministry who is a law professor was fraudulently registered to vote in Michigan under her maiden name, at her parents’ address, as a Democrat. She lives in Virginia, has been married for many years, and is a registered Republican. This is very sophisticated fraud, and it appears that other women were falsely registered under their maiden names.

At least three postal workers have come forward, some in Michigan and Pennsylvania, with first-hand knowledge of fraudulent schemes from the postmaster to postmark ballots with the wrong date to impact mail-in ballots.

In Wayne County, Michigan alone, 200 people have sworn affidavits of misbehavior and fraud. In addition, the same signature “witnessed" 50 different absentee ballots.

In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 14,000 votes were uncovered that the county cannot account for. A lawsuit was filed to have them removed. If just an average of 516 votes in favor of Biden were found to be fraudulent in each of the 66 other counties, that would be enough for Trump to win PA (And there is a long history of election fraud and convictions in this state).

And these are just a fraction of the 11,000 allegations...

Any evidence of fraud must be found, compiled, and organized, state by state, county by county, and if necessary, even ballot by ballot. This is a huge undertaking of many people working together. And it will take a substantial investment of time.

We believe there is nothing more critical to the future of our nation than the battle to ensure that this is an accurate and honest election. 

Concerns about voter fraud are even coming from high-ranking election officials.

“Observers have not been allowed meaningful access,” said Trey Trainor the Chairman of the Federal Election Commission. “I do believe there is voter fraud taking place.”

Georgia Secretary of State sent investigators to Fulton County on Saturday to “secure the vote and protect all legal votes.” Georgia is one of the states that used the Dominion software. Georgia runs the same program that caused 6,000 votes for Trump to be miscounted in a Michigan county that only had 16,000 total votes.

This week, Georgia officials announced they will do a recount by hand of every one of the 4.9 million ballots in their state for the presidential candidates. This is a massive undertaking. But with deep concerns about the software, this hand count it is absolutely vital to know that we have accurate and honest election results.

Members of our Faith & Liberty team have volunteered to assist in ensuring that we have a fair and transparent election. We are paying for all of our travel and expenses in order to have a voice that you can trust on the frontlines of this battle. Help Faith & Liberty meet these extra costs by rushing your best possible donation today so that we can continue to push for the truth and assure the American people can trust our election process.


It is criminal how the news media has abdicated its investigative role. Instead, the media is lying to the American people about these serious incidents of fraud. And Big Tech is dutifully censoring anything that runs contrary to the blatantly false news narrative that Biden is the president-elect, or even the acting president right now!

The media censorship on Hunter Biden’s laptop has done serious harm to an electorate that deserves to be informed. Media Research Center’s exit polls found that 4.6% of Joe Biden voters would not have voted for him if they would have known details about Hunter Biden’s laptop. This change of vote is well beyond the margin. Thus far, Biden has a margin of 0.7% in WI, in PA he got 0.7%, and in AZ he got 0.3% - all three are by less than 1%. The media’s censorship directly swayed this race.

The legal case that the PA Supreme Court violated the law by extending mail-in ballots by three days is strong. This one case at the U.S. Supreme Court could make the difference and change the results of the election.

In America, we cannot bow to Big Tech’s lies and the Fake News fraud. We must do everything in our power to ensure an honest election.

If you haven’t, please sign our urgent petition to the Trump administration to let them know we stand with their efforts to investigate every allegation of illegal behavior in order to ensure an accurate and honest election. Now is not the time to shrink back.

Never before have we seen an election where radicals have threatened to target and punish those who support freedom-loving views, to strip them of their jobs, and destroy businesses and homes just because they dare to stand up for the ideals in our nation of freedom and honesty. Your team at Faith & Liberty is working all hours of the day to ensure this election is transparent, fair and honest. I ask for your prayers for our success.

Your missionary team to Washington, DC,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice-President
Mat Staver, Chairman
Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. The amount of work necessary to document the fraud that we believe has happened is growing exponentially! We may have to investigate vote-by-vote information. Select here or the button below to support Faith & Liberty as we stand for election integrity.

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