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Now is a critical time to apply our First Amendment to the 21st century. If we fail, our nation may never recover the freedoms that are slipping through our fingers. You already have made a difference by adding your name to Faith & Liberty’s petition! Together our voices are stronger on Capitol Hill.

Our staff on Capitol Hill depends on people like you, who care about our liberties and are willing to stand up for truth through our outreaches. Our organization relies 100% on the donations of partners who empower us to reach, connect and minister in the nation's capital.

Partner with Faith & Liberty today with your donation. Already, we are meeting and praying with high ranking Members of Congress to communicate your concerns on critical issues. Your support strengthens us for this battle against some of the richest corporations in the world.

If we are silent on this now, that silence could become permanent!
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Again, I am so grateful for your willingness to sign our petition.
We are working to gather every signature that we can to raise the alarm to protect our First Amendment. Every single signature helps us communicate the urgency to our national leaders. Even if you can’t donate today, we value your signature. One other way that you can help is to share this petition with your friends, family, neighbors, church and other groups. This helps us grow our ability to fight the challenges we are facing today. Thank You!
Right now, your contribution makes a powerful impact in Washington D.C. to reestablish freedom of speech for conservatives in every computer and device across America.